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Posted by Co2sceptic on Mar 12th 2012

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David Hathaway Solar Cycle 24 Sunspot Forecast IS Making Solar Cycle 25 Even Worse! - Link for original article at 10th October 2010

I had this to say in 2010 - For those of you who follow David Hathaway's Solar Cycle forecasts, it is not looking good for Solar Cycle 25. Solar Cycle 25 is due to start about the end of 2020, nothing dramatic about that, apart from it WILL be lower in its Sunspot count then Solar Cycle 24, and boy oh boy how the numbers are starting to fall!

I have kept track of the Solar Cycle 24 forecasts from David Hathaway, and the latest prediction compared from two years or so ago has taken yet another fall...This is what David Hathaway has to say from the recent March 2012 Solar Cycle Prediction Update The current prediction for Sunspot Cycle 24 gives a smoothed sunspot number maximum of about 59 in early 2013. We are currently over three years into Cycle 24. The current predicted size makes this the smallest sunspot cycle in about 100 years.

His December update was put in at a peak of 99 after dropping down into the sixty area a few months before...

Sunspot Cycle 24 gives a smoothed sunspot number maximum of about 99 in February of 2013. We are currently about three years into Cycle 24. Increased activity in the last few months has raised the predicted maximum and moved it earlier in 2013

No need for me to say any more just take a look at what has been said in the past couple of years......

This is the forecast of Solar Cycle 24 from early 2009

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Updated below with original NASA rough estimate for SC24 & SC25

This was the original rough estimate from NASA to show how big SC24 and how small SC25 were expected to be.

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This was the revised forecast of SC24 in May 2009

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This was yet another revised forecast in April 2010

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And here is the latest from October 2010

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More to follow soon, "Global Warming my arse, we WILL have another Dalton Minimum!

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